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Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson - Scream - Lyrics Meaning

Michael and Janet Jackson did a much-awaited duet that raced its way up the music charts in various countries. Their duet was called Scream, and it was a hardened, frustrated, and all-around emotionally charged song that was fairly well explained by the lyrics alone.

It would appear as though even Hollywood stars and starlets deal with frustration and angering situations that are enough to top anyone off at unexpected times. Michael and Janet decided to express their frustrations in a brilliantly choreographed song that became a favorite among fans right away. It would suggest that sometimes letting out a scream can take care of built up frustration enough to deal with things and be able to move on.

While there has been a great deal of speculation as to exactly what the Jacksons were going through in terms of their frustration, no clear specifics have been given. However, considering the time that the song was written and released, it would seem logical that perhaps the frustrations could have stemmed from the court cases that Michael was involved in, and Janet's exposure during her musical performance during the Super Bowl that caused her name and telltale photo to be plastered across numerous tabloid and website across the world.

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