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Miley Cyrus - The Climb - Lyrics Meaning

This song, performed by Miley Cyrus as part of her alter-ego acting stint as Hannah Montana, quickly became a chart and airplay favorite. While "The Climb" has a number of interpretations, it is undoubtedly an inspirational number. The straightforward nature of the ballad has left many fan touched and applying their own meanings to the lyrics.

While some critics have panned the song as simply pandering to radio with a "just keep trying" message to listeners, most fans have attributed more depth to the piece. While Cyrus has indicated that she agrees with the perseverance nature of the piece, fans often put a faith-based message underneath it all. They feel that the lyrics include a message about staying true to Christian faith as well as working toward earthly goals.

Key meaning points in the song center around imagery of a mountain, symbolizing the difficulties of life, and climbing, symbolizing the ongoing struggles of life. Although the lyrics talking about the journey rather than focusing on the destination, many assume that it is about ultimately reaching a final goal. When it is an earthly or heavenly reward that awaits the end of the climb depends on the mindset of the listener.

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