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Miranda Lambert - Over You - Lyrics Meaning

The song `over you' is not your typical feisty and spunky song which Lambert is known for; although, it has much more sentimental meaning to both her and her husband Blake Shelton. The song was co-written with Shelton and talks about his experiences losing his brother at a young age. Lambert says that writing the song with her husband was a "Cool moment to share" with her husband and that it was the "first time he opened up" about the traumatic incident in his life to her. Although initially the song was about the loss of Shelton's brother, other life events made the song much more meaningful to the couple.

Around the time in which this song was released Blake Shelton's father passed away, Lambert's family dog which they had since her childhood died and Lamberts best friend from childhood was tragically killed in an auto accident. Lambert says about the timing of the release of the song that it was "kind of ironic" because they did not choose the song after all of those events occurred. The song is meant to describe the emotions which you deal with when you lose someone who is important to you. Miranda's interpretation of the song is this "It's a simple song about the way that you feel and the little things that trigger that sadness."

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