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Misty - Ray Stevens - Lyrics Meaning

What make Ray Stevens version of the jazz classic Misty stand out as a piece of pop memorabilia is that it is the class rendition of a jazz standard performed in country and western style. Misty was written in 1954 by the colored jazz pianist Erroll Garner, and was known for many years as an instrumental. Lyrics were added around five years later by the well known Hollywood lyricist Johnny Burke. For many years Misty was known as the signature of the velvet voiced singer Johnny Mathis. In its jazz format, Misty became a classic in its own right with such greats as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan recording cover versions.

And there it would have stayed until Ray Stevens discovered the song and decided to make a country and western influenced version of the song. Ray Stevens was a classic novelty artist who produced a variety of unusual songs throughout the years, with Misty being his largest commercial success, among songs of that type.

Whilst the arrangement is strictly C&W, the lyrics and the phraseology remain as Garner and Webb contrived them, but is Worlds apart in Steven's raucous rendition.

The song basically describes someone who has "misty" or vague feelings for their lover and his or her long term intentions for their relationship.

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