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Modern English - I Melt With You - Lyrics Meaning

"I Melt With You" is a 1982 single from the British post-punk new wave group Modern English. Although the song is widely regarded as an 80's classic, "I Melt With You" only peaked on the U.S. Billboard charts at number 78 in 1983. Much of the song's popularity can be attributed to early-era MTV video play and the song's inclusion in the Nicholas Cage movie Valley Girl more than radio airplay.

The lyrics to the song can be interpreted as a well-versed plea to reclaim a love that has already been lost. The vocalist is saying that he would stop the world to be with the person he's lost. You get the sense that he's making personality or lifestyle changes with the intent of proving he's a "new and improved" upgrade of his former self. This is captured in the verse, "You've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time." He begins the song by saying that he's done everything in his power to carry forward but nothing compares to making love to the song's subject - presumably his ex. And he goes on saying that he'll leap past any hurdle to prove that the two of them are capable of great things together.

"I Melt With You" has been heard in commercials for Burger King, Ritz crackers, M&M's, and Taco Bell. Many artists have covered the song. The Nouvelle Vague cover has been featured in episodes of MTV's The Hills (Season 3 Episode 11), Grey's Anatomy (Season 2 Episode 8) and a commercial for GMC's Acadia.

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