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Monster Magnet - Space Lord - Lyrics Meaning

Space Lord was released by Monster Magnet in 1998 on their Powertrip album. This colorfully entertaining song raced into the rock charts shortly after its release, and fans thought it was fantastic.

Monster Magnet was a band notorious for their usage of mind-altering substances. This, however, gives the songs that Monster Magnet produces an advantage in that their songs are unique and not likely to be copied. Space Lord was no different in the individuality of its lyrics. There is some discretion as to whether Space Lord is written about drug-induced hallucinations or making a reference to the Devil or his cohorts. Space Lord was likely written to leave room for interpretation, as mystery keeps a person's interest.

The lyrics themselves may seem rather disorganized and random, but there is coherence in the words as they are used as metaphors for real-life experiences and situations. Fans and listeners believe that Space Lord was written while under the influence of acid, a drug well-known to induce hallucinations that are often intense and brilliant. The lyrics would suggest that Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet was under the influence, based on the colorful expletives that were used in the original recording of this song and the descriptiveness of the metaphors.