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Morrissey - Everyday is Like Sunday - Lyrics Meaning

"Everyday Is Like Sunday" appears on Morrissey's debut solo album, Viva Hate. It was the second single released by the artist, and is now one of his most well known songs. In interviews, Morrissey has explained that he chose to write about a seaside town because he finds something very depressing about the popular tourist destinations out-of-season. Off-season, the towns are utterly deserted, particularly on a Sunday when stores are closed. The loneliness and cloudy, wet weather combine to produce feelings of depression, a topic that Morrissey returns to again and again in his writing. The empty, grey seaside town represents the narrator's eternal boredom and misery. A postcard reading "I dearly wish I was not here," which plays on the clich‚d message of "Wish you were here," is a futile cry for help. He seems to wish for a nuclear attack to alleviate the monotony of his life by destroying the town. After the attack, however, when "a strange dust" that resembles nuclear fallout "lands on your hands," nothing has changed. Life, according to "Everyday is Like Sunday," is inevitably full of sorrow, no matter how hard one tries to escape despair. Life and death are equally disappointing.

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