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Motorhead - Ace Of Spades - Lyrics Meaning

This song was released in 1980 and reached No 14 in the UK Charts

The lyrics for the 'Ace of Spades' generally refers to gambling, concerning both life and money.

The song describes how that if you gamble you win or you lose but the real pleasure is actually playing and that the only card you want and care about is the 'Ace Of Spades'

It goes on to say that other people play for greed, not pleasure.

Other people risk everything, dancing with the devil, waiting, hoping for the winning card, doubling up, risking more money. The song also describes different hands and plays in poker, such as 'snake eye', seven or eleven, double or quit.

The lyrics go on to describe a poor loser, that is why he is only playing for the pleasure because he usually loses.

Do they carry on or decide to quit now and lose everything.

When It comes to the final hand, he can see in his opponents eyes that he has the winning hand and will win the game.

He has pushed up the ante, and is sure that his opponent will take one look and die

When he see's he is holding the Ace of Spades

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