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My Chemical Romance - Cemetery Drive - Lyrics Meaning

Cemetery Drive by My Chemical Romance was released in 2004 but did not reach the charts in the US or the UK.

The lyrics to this song describe a married woman who has been having an affair with another man but can no longer stand the pain she is causing.

This affects her own feelings as well as the feelings to her lover and her husband.

She decides that she can take no more and starts drinking to try and dull the pain she is feeling but this make her feel worse and she ends up killing herself.

She slits her wrists and she is found on the bathroom floor by her lover who is absolutely devastated.

He knew the pressure was far to much for her to take and wonders how it could have come to this after that first kiss.

They have been lying all of the time but he won't stop loving her or lying for her if that is what she wants. He misses her more than she will ever know but he knows, deep down, that their secret will now have to come out and he will have to face the consequences.

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