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Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance - Lyrics Meaning

Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry was released in 1989 and reached number 3 in the US charts and number 7 in the UK charts.

On Neneh Cherrys website she says that the song Buffalo Stance is about sexual survival. She says that, like all of her songs, it is not a feminist record but about female strength, female power, and female attitude.

The song describes a boy who has all of the trappings of success, both to females and males, i.e. the clothes, the style, the looks, but all that he is attracting to himself are the type of shallow people who are only drawn to material things.

The singer says that those kind of things don't matter to her, she wants love and sweetness but that does not mean that you can mess her around, underneath the hard exterior she is a very strong woman.

The boy in the song knows what it's like to be hungry and have no money but to remedy that situation he became a pimp and ends up in prison but on being released he again finds himself without anything including his girlfriend.

The song basically describes how the singer has become the stronger character and she can choose if she wants to be with this boy, not the other way around.