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Nine Inch Nails - Every Day Is Exactly the Same - Lyrics Meaning

Nine Inch Nails is known for their hard core songs and lyrics, but sometimes they come up with songs that have a great deal of emotion and feeling, and such was the case when they released Every Day Is Exactly the Same. This song invoked similar feelings and responses in many of Nine Inch Nails' listeners, as it is a common feeling that many people tend to have.

Every Day Is Exactly the Same is about losing yourself and your purpose in a world that expects people to conform and how easily it can be for someone to forget the person they once were, especially when they do as they are told and do not fight against the routine. Conformity and stagnation are frequently experienced when people get into a routine. Routines are comfortable, but can also hinder growth in a person and can bring about troubles later on.

This song has an eloquent way of describing how a person feels when they are stuck in a routine. The contradictory words suggest that everything is too balanced. From there being no love and no pain, to being able to see the future because they repeat the same routine every day, suggesting that there really is no future, because each day simply repeats itself.

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Nov 4, 2022 @ 7:19 pm
This song meant so much to me it was my theme song during the time I was married to my daughter’s mother I did exactly what she said and worked 72 hours a week and sometimes 84. She controlled me in every way and I eventually began to realize she was bringing me down and into a bad place but because of my daughter I stuck through it until she was a teenager. Man this song is still one of my favorites it reminds me of how I will never let anyone do me that way again.

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