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No Doubt - End It On This - Lyrics Meaning

Taken from their popular Tragic Kingdom album, No Doubt's "End It On This" incorporates the ska-rock sound that was typical of the entire album. Like many of the other songs on the album, "End It On This" is about a relationship ending, but it is a bit different than some of the other relationship tracks. While many of the other songs were inspired by the break up between Gwen Stefani, the lead singer, and Tony Kanal, the bassist, this song chronicles another story.

While still undoubtedly a song about a break up, it is not a song about parting amicably and remaining friends. Most people who adopt this interpretation focus on the chorus instead of analyzing the words in the main verses. These lyrics tell the story of someone who is frustrated by a partner who is trapped in an addiction and therefore can't fully commit to the relationship.

The song is actually about the sensation of finally breaking free from a relationship that is going nowhere. Instead of pulling a "Stand By Your Man" moment, the singer here opts to cut her losses and move on from a waste of her time. It's a strong message of learning to look reality in the eye and make a decision to make a difference in your love life.

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