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Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Enola Gay - Lyrics Meaning

Written by OMD frontman Andy McCluskey, this track was released in 1980 and tells the story of the plane that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. The bomb, the first used in an act of war, was carried by an American B-29 plane named Enola Gay and her mission in 1945 effectively ended World War II.

The lyrics clearly express McCluskey's opinion on the matter with the line, `It shouldn't ever have to end this way,' letting us know his feelings on the dropping of the bomb. Recurring lines highlight the exact timing of the drop and how the operation was carried out just like any other ordinary day. The line, `Is mother proud of little boy today,' makes reference to the bombs codename `Little Boy' and probably hints at the writer's need to vent his spleen on the subject.

The song's release coincided with Margaret Thatcher's - British Prime Minister at that time - controversial decision to allow US nuclear missiles to be stationed in Britain.

It could be regarded as an anti-nuclear or even an anti-war protest song but the overriding message conveyed through the lyrics is not to forget about such events in our past:

`Enola Gay, it shouldn't fade in our dreams away.'

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