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Our Lady Peace - Clumsy - Lyrics Meaning

On April 7th of 1998, the alternative rock band known as Our Lady Peace released their second album which was titled Clumsy. The song titled clumsy was released as the second single from their follow up album. Since its release in 1998, the song titled clumsy has become one of the regular songs that are performed during a show. The song is a regular on the set list for the vast majority of the shows performed by the band.

As far as the meaning of the song goes, it can be interpreted in a large number of different ways depending on the individual who is analyzing the song. This is because it is a song that virtually anyone can relate to in one shape or another. However, you can relate to the song defines how you will define the meaning of the song.

The meaning behind the song is slightly broad. The reason for this is because everyone can identify with being clumsy. It is a common thing among people. However, at some point people just title things as being clumsy just because they do not want to come to terms with the fact that their actions are negative and they are damaging. Placing a title like clumsy on such a thing is a way to keep from taking responsibility for what you done.

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