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P.O.D. - Alive - Lyrics Meaning

Alive was P.O.D.'s first single from their Satellite EP. The song peaked at number forty-one on the US charts and nineteen in the United Kingdom. The track is about coming to the realization that God is on control of things and being thankful for that fact. It conveys a sense of spiritual freedom and happiness that may have come about by some sort of moment that triggered the praise-filled response.

The song talks about not taking for granted anything in life and trusting in the power of love and God to give peace of mind. Freedom has been attained as front man Sonny Sandoval sings out that he feels that he can fly and that the new found freedom he feels within cannot nor should not be contained. The track touches on how sharing things about God could cost everything but it is a risk that must be taken. P.O.D. has received a lot of criticism and praise from both Christians and non-Christians alike. Some feel they try to mix in with secular music too much by watering down their beliefs while others applaud them for trying to break out of the Christian bubble and reach a wider audience.

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