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Paolo Nutini - Simple Things - Lyrics Meaning

Three years after the release of his massively successful debut album in 2006, the Scottish singer-songwriter has released a follow up, `Sunny Side Up'.

"The first album, there was a lot of angst..." says Paolo, "...this album is a more positive record."

`Simple Things' is a cheery, folksy tune written as an ode to his father.

"My dad lives a pretty simple life," he explains. "Since he was sixteen he's worked in a chip shop, all day, everyday, forty-one years in front of the same mirror, the same fryer. But then to see the joy he gets out of coming home to see us; of just sitting on the couch with my mum on a Sunday afternoon, after he gets to go and ride his motorbike. He's helped me really appreciate what can be perceived as happiness, just out of sheer consistency."

With lyrics saying, `My father is a wealthy self-made man, but his wealth does not consist of riches or acres of land, instead he has a family who are his biggest fans...' Paolo seems determined to keep his own feet firmly on the ground. Perhaps there's a message for all of us in this foot-tapping, sing-along, simple ditty about the things that really matter in life!