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Paulo Nautini - Jenny, Don't Be Hasty - Lyrics Meaning

This song was written by Nautini about his experiences of dating an older woman. She was 23 and he was only eighteen.

At the outset of the song it is a jovial message of tales told in the pursuit of love, this though changes and develops and the writer's feelings become more liberated.

The confounding part of the situation to the writer is the seeming legitimacy of the reasons for breaking up based on the premise of age. Clearly things have been going well and it actually seems like Jenny herself is pained to end the relationship in its budding stages. (`tell me who made these rules?

obviously not you')

Jenny has feelings of disgust towards the younger Nautini and these are used as fuel to his, apparently, righteous indignation. (`Oh, jenny you are crazy! First I'm perfect, and then I'm lazy')

The song was based on a very true story. In an interview Paulo Nautini said his age was outed when he and Jenny were lying in bed. The TV was playing and talking about Nautini, `The great new artist, 18 year old, Paolo Nutini" unfortunately not what he, or Jenny, wanted to hear.

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