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Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight - Lyrics Meaning

This song was written by Collins right after his divorce from his wife in Andrea. The divorce was devastating for Collins and his emotional turmoil was reflected in the lyrics of `In the air tonight'. In fact Collins admits that this song along with a couple of others on the album was meant to me "messages" to his wife. He had hoped that the powerful lyrics behind these messages would lure his wife back to him. This powerful song was the very first Collins released as a solo artist because the band did not like the song and felt that it was "too simple."

The lyrics "if you told me you were drowning" were simply a symbolic message to his wife and not a reflection of past events as many people believe this song to mean. There are many variations of how these lyrics have been interpreted in the past; however Collins himself admits that the song was a symbolic reflection of his emotional baggage following the divorce of his wife and the departing of his family. It explains how he was feeling when he heard the news that his wife had ran off with the painter and decorator and portrays a wide array of emotions which Collins was feeling at this difficult time in his life.

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