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Postal Service - Such Great Heights - Lyrics Meaning

`Such Great Heights' by Postal Service has achieved great success. Featured in `Garden State' it became a cult classic on and off screen. It was penned by Ben Gibbard of `Death Cab for Cutie' fame.

In an interview he said it was `is the first time I've ever written a positive love song, where it's a song about being in love and how it's rad'.

From early on the tone is set that it is about his devotion to his partner and how things seem perfectly orchestrated for their relationship. Not by magic but rather God.

`I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles,

in our eyes are mirror images and when,

we kiss they're perfectly aligned'

The chorus of `such great heights' is a nod to the future that is on offer, further than that certain. Ben, the writer, has tried to convey this by phone but the whole message was not contained on the machine. Feeling that the machine won't give justice to his feelings, missing the melody (`shrillest highs and lowest lows') he puts it to music. Giving the idea that the melody has spontaneously arrived to the creator as the vehicle for his feelings of love.