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Radiohead - Creep - Lyrics Meaning

"Creep" was the debut single from the British alternative rock group Radiohead. Originally released in 1992 to little fanfare, the song was re-released in 1993 to promote "Pablo Honey," the band's first album. It was then that the song became a worldwide hit. The song reached number 34 on the U.S. singles charts and peaked at number 7 on the U.K. charts. "Creep" was such a massive hit that the band grew to resent the song and gradually phased it out of concert set lists.

Vocalist Thom Yorke wrote the song prior to Radiohead being formed. Yorke came up with the song while attending Exeter University in 1987. Jonny Greenwood, Radiohead's guitarist, has stated that Yorke's inspiration for writing the song was a girl that Yorke had followed around but couldn't speak to. She showed up unexpected at one of his live performances and Yorke didn't have the self-confidence to introduce himself.

Yorke has all but confirmed this story by admitting that "Creep" is the story of a drunk male who follows a woman around in a desperate attempt to be noticed and approached. The lyrics of "Creep" are basically Yorke's recognition of what he is - a man that lacks the confidence to approach a woman that he has become infatuated with. He puts her on this pedestal and views her as being special while he is merely ordinary. He lacks a perfect body, lacks a perfect soul, and has little control when it comes to taking initiative and pursuing someone he's interested in. He views himself as a weirdo that doesn't belong in her presence and can't compete with other testosterone driven males.

"Creep" has been covered by Prince, Korn, Anberlin, Scarling, Damien Rice, Tears For Fears, The Pretenders, jazz musician Frank Bennett, and Amanda Palmer. Radiohead has started to perform the song again during their live shows and the track even re-entered the U.K. singles charts in June of 2008.