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Regina Spektor - Better - Lyrics Meaning

Regina Spektor continually delivers multi-layered pieces, and "Better" is no exception. Released in 2007, the song appeared on her Begin To Hope Album and has been cut in three different versions. Some of the versions emphasize relational comforting, while other versions seem to focus on more of the familial ties that keep us together as functioning adults.

The song opens with the image of using kisses to comfort someone who is hurt, although it is unclear whether the person is a lover or a relative. Later verses reference sisters, although in a global family sense rather than a specific sibling reference. The chorus of the piece questions, however, whether the target of the comforting expressions is actually capable of feeling comforted. Later lines seem to touch on distance and depression, asking if the person is capable or reciprocating affection, or expressing emotional issues.

Spektor has often said that her songs are not necessarily biographical, although they do include elements of her real life. Many have wondered if the lilting chorus "Would you feel anything at all?" refers to the distance between her and her spouse as they were estranged at the time the piece was produced, or if it refers to the distance that springs up between family members as they age and grow apart emotionally.