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Relient K - Be My Escape - Lyrics Meaning

Be My Escape is a single from the band's fourth full-length album titled Mmhmm. The single went platinum in November 2005 and is the group's most popular mainstream song. The lyrical content of the track deals with the singer's plea to escape from the mistakes that he has made in the past. Relient K is a Christian band so God is the one being referenced in the lyrics. The track avoids any direct mention of God or Jesus but has been confirmed by the band to be the inspiration.

The song reflects a desperate cry to God for escape from insecurities, fear and regret with God being the only means of escape. Front man Matthew Thiessen touches on the struggle he has faced in his Christian walk. He references that he feels cursed by his own humanity and independence from God which have lead him to being in a rut. The song's lyrics at the beginning of the verses have been often mistaken as the phrasing is somewhat unconventional. The actual lines from the first two verses are "I've given up on givin up slowly" and I've given up on doing this alone now." The track was used as background music to the 2006 US Men's Open tennis championships.