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Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love - Lyrics Meaning

Addicted to love was Robert Palmer's only number one hit in the US charts.

The song is about someone who is going through the emotions of being in love with someone and everything that goes with it, not sleeping, sweating and not being able to think of anything else.

He originally wanted this song to be a duet and recorded the original version with Chaka Khan. Unfortunately, the record label she was assigned to, Warner Brothers, refused to give permission for her voice to be used on the record. Robert Palmer had to re record the track without her.

The inside cover of the album of this song 'Addictions Vol 1' states that this song was going to be titled Addicted to Drugs, funnily enough the words in the song fit quite well to both titles.

One of the most memorable aspects of this song is the video that went with it.

It featured a group of beautiful women, each pretending to play different instruments in a band. Each woman was chosen, apart from their looks, because they didn't know how to play the instruments and they would be moving to the music in a different way, That's what made the video so unique.