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Rocket to the Moon - Baby We're Invincible - Lyrics Meaning

Baby We're Invincible by Rocket to the Moon is a song that depicts young love and fresh dreams. The singer is in love with a girl that does not know of his affections. He is scared to tell her the way he feels about her because he does not feel that he is good enough. In this song, he is explaining his feelings and making her aware of how well he will treat her.

His self-proclaimed clich‚ of "wearing my heart on my sleeve" portrays how he is opening himself to rejection, but it is what his has to do to achieve what he wants. He will do whatever it takes to make her happy. "If you would tell me to get lost I'd ask `how far away'," shows that he loves her enough to leave her alone if it is what would please her.

He knows that he will take care of her and her feelings, and if she would only let him have her heart it will never feel any pain. The love they could share is "invincible" and if she gives him the chance to be together, they will be happy forever.

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