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Ruben Studdard - Flying Without Wings - Lyrics Meaning

Flying Without Wings was covered by American Idol winner Ruben Studdard in 2003. The song was originally recorded by the British band Westlife.

The song is about looking for someone or something to complete your life. Flying without wings is a phrase that refers to the natural high that a person gets from something that makes them really happy. The feeling is similar to flying and there is no mind-altering substance involved.

Everyone has something different that gives them this feeling of euphoria. For a new mother, it is probably her newborn baby. People who are deeply in love with each other get that "flying without wings" feeling just from looking at each other. For other people, children that give them a great feeling of joy.

The special thing or person that makes one's life complete can be something or someone that is right in front of you. Some people have to search far for it, others find that it's right in front of them. One of the important pieces of advice in the song is that you hold onto your dreams because whatever you let go of may have been the thing that completed your life.

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