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Sara Bareilles - Love Song - Lyrics Meaning

During the summer of 2007, the song "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles was a smash hit. With an up tempo beat and a catchy chorus, it quickly became a love anthem for those who thought they had figured out the message of the song. However, what the fans thought the song was about didn't match up with what had been in Bareilles' mind when she wrote the piece.

Most fans looked at the lyrics and interpreted the song as being about a relationship where it was necessary to prove how true the love really was. The other person demanded tangible signs of the love they shared, and wasn't content to just know they were loved. The singer pushed back, indicating that if her love just on its own wasn't enough, then no ever-increasing number of physical signs would ever do the trick. Fans swooned.

Bareilles, however, had not written the song about a relationship. Instead, the song was an angry response to her record label, Epic, which was pressuring her to create more marketable songs. Substitute the relationship for a contract battle between a top talent and a market hungry record label, and you have the real meaning and motivation behind this supposed "Love Song".

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