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Sarah McLachlan - Fallen - Lyrics Meaning

Sarah McLachlan could quite possibly have said exactly what many of us are thinking at some point in our lives, in a perfect song when she released Fallen in 2003. Already an established icon with meaningful and purposeful songs, Fallen was another hit she added to her long list.

Fallen is about someone realizing they have made mistakes, knowing that their mistakes have caused a lifetime of hurt and pain for both themselves and others in their life. While the mistakes that were mentioned in this song were not specific, it refers to the common mistakes that nearly every body as a human will encounter at some point in their lives. Sarah McLachlan goes on to describe how she has lost friends, she has basically hit rock bottom, losing faith in being able to redeem herself, but she wants it to be known that she recognizes her mistakes and does not wish to be berated for them.

Many people seem to be able to relate to this song, as everyone makes mistakes in their lives, everyone falls prey to life's evils, and more often than not, people are all to eager to point out how bad a person has messed up, either a situation or their entire life. McLachlan uses this intense song to empower people to admit their mistakes, recognize what they have lost, and not let people bring them down any further by continually reinforcing what they have done wrong.

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