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Shakira - Objection - Lyrics Meaning

This 2002 song written and performed by Shakira is the first song written by the singer purely in English, her second language. Nevertheless "Objection" included many Latin influences, from the tango background riffs to the intermixing of "La Cumparsita", a Uruguayan song. The lyrics address many elements of what happens emotionally when a relationship breaks apart.

In the beginning, the couple is happy enough, but then the singer catches her man out with another woman. "Objection" is her cry, especially since it seems as though the new woman is much sexier, causing her to feel inadequate. This is expressed in lyrics like "next to her cheap silicone I look minimal", implying that her own self-worth is getting a bruising along with her body image.

However, rather than wallowing in depression, the singer decides that she refuses to play the victim. Instead, she goes on the offensive, doing her best to break up and push away the offensive new couple. While she may not wholly succeed in the piece, the lyrics were meant to inspire other women to take the first steps out of a bad or broken relationship and to value themselves as more than bits of meat to be tossed around by bad boyfriends.

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