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Sheila Nicholls - Fallen For You - Lyrics Meaning

Sheila Nicholls' song "Fallen For You" was considered to be one of the standout pieces of the High Fidelity soundtrack. While the movie told the story of a couple who were struggling to survive, this song touched on earlier relationship stages. Depending on the interpretation of the piece, it can be taken as a hopeful or hopeless number.

Initially, it seems to lean more to the hopeless side. The singer tells the story of a dating relationship where it just seems as though there is no deep connection, even though the two are spending time together. Unfortunately, it seems as though her own deep love is being ignored in favor of the potential affections of another woman. Unable to break through to communicate her love, she drives away, dejected.

However, those who think of the song as a completely mournful number are overlooking the last bit of verse. The heroine pulls away to a beach to indulge in a bit of hopeful fantasy, showing that while she is backing off for now, she has not ultimately given up on the relationship and will likely be back to take another stab at winning the affections of the main of her dreams.

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