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Sheryl Crow - Can't Cry Anymore - Lyrics Meaning

Taken from her Tuesday Night Music Club album, "Can't Cry Anymore" was initially overshadowed by the other hits on the album. However, Sheryl Crow religiously includes it in live performances, and the song has been given a number of meanings. Whether it is taken as a nice story, biographical, or political, it has certainly prompted quite a bit of discussion among fans.

The lyrics themselves tell a surface story of a woman who has finally had enough of a broken relationship. Though she is sad and disappointed that everything is over, she is resolute in giving up her tears. She will not weep for the loser any longer, and she is moving on with her life once and for all.

On one level, this is about every bad relationship ever, and Crow has plenty of room to work it emotionally here, with her break up from Lance Armstrong, battle with cancer, and struggle for children. On the other hand, she has dedicated alternatively to George Bush and the country, as a sign of her frustration with the Iraq War and the general direction of the government even though the piece was written long before these events occurred. Yet no one ever decreed that a song's meaning couldn't evolve!

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