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Shiny Toy Guns - Don't Cry Out - Lyrics Meaning

The song "don't cry out" by the band known as "Shiny Toy Guns" was released in January of 2005. The song was on the bands first album that was titled "We are Pilots." The bands first album "We are Pilots" features three different versions of the album. The album did quite well for the band considering the album released three different singles, which appeared amidst the top thirty songs on the modern rock chart.

There has been a wide range of speculation surrounding the meaning of the song. People have interpreted the meaning of the song in various different ways. Some of the most common interpretations that the song seems to receive is that the song is about breaking up, a relationship, or a one night stand. What is the true meaning behind this popular Shiny Toy Guns song?

The song "don't cry out" is a song that can be interpreted in multiple different ways. This is dependant upon the listener and how they relate to the song. However, the song features lyrics such as "I'm all dressed up and ready to play" and "I needed you to notice, that's all I wanted." These lyrics insinuate a situation where an individual genuinely had feelings for someone but the other person failed to reciprocate these feelings back in depth. The other person's feelings were shallow.

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