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Sixx: A.M. - Girl with Golden Eyes - Lyrics Meaning

The song titled "Girl with Golden Eyes" is a song off of the album "The Heroin Diaries" from the band known as Sixx: A.M. The band released their album on August 21st, 2007. The concept of the album was to chronicle different stages of Nikki Sixx's life. The reason for this is the fact that Nikki has battled a severe heroin addiction. The album truly relives the stages of Nikki's life from the times of starting heroin use, quitting, relapsing, and the start of his journal.

As far as the meaning of the song, many people have misinterpreted the lyrics. This misinterpretation causes people to think that the song is about a relationship between Nikki and an unknown girl who he refers to as "the girl with golden eyes." However, the song is not about a relationship between Nikki and a significant other. This is simply an analogy. The girl with golden eyes in the song is representing heroin. The song displays his battle with a heroin addiction and how it kept tempting him.

This can be interpreted through meaningful lyrics such as "I let her in my veins" and "I wished I had never kissed her, because I just can't resist her."

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