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Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride - Lyrics Meaning

Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride is an interesting song that illustrates the importance and excitement of letting go of reality, if only for a brief moment and seeing what happens when a person lets go of what's going on in their world to allow fantasy to take over.

Magic Carpet Ride is a song that almost gives permission to forget reality for a brief period of time to allow dreams to make their way into a person's state of mind. It basically suggests that fantasy has the ability to free a person from their troubles, and unexpected things can happen when someone takes a "magic carpet ride" away the day-to-day troubles. The magic carpet ride is a free vacation, a mental break from everything that people are forced to face.

This song was a hit among listeners because sometimes people get so caught up in everyday living that they forget to dream. Magic Carpet Ride is like a free ticket to get away for a while from the troubles that reality sometimes presents. One line in this song says, "On a magic carpet ride, you don't know what we will see." It opens up the possibilities that a person can experience if they let fantasy take over the reality of life.

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