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Steve Winwood - Valerie - Lyrics Meaning

Valerie by Stevie Winwood was released in in 1982 and reached number 9 in the US charts and number 19 in the UK charts.

Will Jennings who worked with Stevie Winwood on various songs wrote the lyrics to Valerie. He said in an interview "Valerie is a real person, whose identity I will not reveal. She was almost at the top of the world in her profession and let it slip away from her. She was a dear friend and this was my tribute to her."

The lyrics to this song describe a woman who the singer is totally in awe of and when she first touched him, he can't remember where, but it totally blew him away.

But then he describes how she changed in some way, it was if he really didn't know her any more.

She has not gone away but he is saying that if she ever needs him all she has to do is call him and he will be there, that he is the same person he has always been, he hasn't changed at all.

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