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Stone Temple Pilots - Plush - Lyrics Meaning

This song was the second single released from the band's first album, Core. The album was released in 1992. The band has stated the song is primarily about a failed relationship and there is also some subtext about a woman that was found dead in the San Diego area at the time that the lead singer, Scott Weiland was writing the song. The first verse is Weiland asking his girlfriend about where she might be headed, knowing that she will not tell him the truth. He is trying to connect with her and she is pushing him away with her apathy. The "mask" that he refers to is her hiding something, possibly an infidelity or secret. The chorus is more directed to the dead girl Weiland read about in the paper. "When the dogs begin to smell her" and "will she smell alone" seems to reference the dogs of a search party and a question about how her last living moments were spent.

Weiland says "so much depends on the weather" which describes his girlfriend's changing moods. He asks her if it is raining in her bedroom as a metaphor for her tears. Many times throughout the song Weiland uses the words, "I feel". He is trying to explain why the relationship is not working for him, but he doubts it will make difference to the girl because he thinks she does not even care.

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