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Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue - Lyrics Meaning

The Song `Stuck like Glue' was featured on the bands fourth album The Incredible machine and was co-written both by the band as well as by Shy Carter and Kevin Griffin. This fun and upbeat song tells the story of a couple in a long term relationship and features a funky and upbeat reggae beat in the middle of the song. The trials and tribulations of a relationship are accurately depicted in the lyrics such as "some days I don't feel like trying, some days you know I wanna just give up." It then goes on to say that in the end they make up when he gives her that "come here baby let's make up" look.

Kristian of Sugarland admits that the song was not meant to "change the world" only to "Change your day." It is a song about having fun and features a catchy and upbeat tempo that you cannot help but sing along to. They admit that in order to pull other listeners in to the country genre they thought it would be fun to feature a reggae speaking part that was not traditional country and it definitely did get people talking. It is a fun and sassy song that fits the bands personality perfectly.