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System A Of Down - Chop Suey - Lyrics Meaning

Released as a single in 2001 quickly became the first bands Grammy nomination hitting number one in music charts around the world.

The song starts talking about a person who tries to cover up their past and problems to act like they are fine from the outside, but they know that person is going through hard times, they talk about "Scars" we see the person tries to hide his emotions but he can't hide them and they won't go away, that nobody understands his self-righteous suicide, they only see him from the outside not the problems that are within.

The lyric "Farther into your hands I commit my spirit ' is a reference to Jesus' death on the cross, as, according to the Gospels, it was one of the seven things Jesus said while dying." Insinuating the writer has a religious background, he is angry at God for bringing him so much misfortune, hence the "Why have you forsaken me" part feeling resentment from his religion.

An article published with an interview of SOAD stated that Daron explains how they touch on the view of death, for example (He said) If I die from an overdoses everyone would say I deserved to die because I took drugs".

This is hinted at the line "Angles deserve to die" it wasn't refereeing to it as religion just the view of death.

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