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Tammy Wynette - Stand by your Man - Lyrics Meaning

Stand by Your Man is a classic country and western song that was co-written by Tammy Wynette and Billy Sherrill and recorded by Tammy Wynette. The song was released in the USA as a single in September 1968 in the USA, where it enjoyed tremendous success both in the C&W charts as well as the.

Billboard 100 charts. Strangely enough, Stand by your Man wasn't released in the UK till 1975, where it reached the top of the charts, inspiring interest in Wynette's music and strong singing voice.

Some might say understandably, Stand by your Man has been the subject of much derision by the Feminist movement, almost till this day. The song's lyrics can be interpreted to pertain that, no matter what, a woman should stand by her man, be it her husband or partner. Wynette has consistently defended the song's lyrics, stating that they have a slightly different yet fundamental meaning, in that a woman should provide her husband with moral support to face the challenges of life. Obviously the song was written in a time where men were almost always the sole bread winner. In the more than forty years since the song was written much has changed in the role of the woman in the family

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