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The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell - Lyrics Meaning

Gives You Hell by the All-American Rejects describes the feelings of a man who was hurt in a relationship and now he is left with little feelings for her besides spite. She left him because she did not think that he could give her what she was looking for in the future, and she wanted to be able to find more. Now that time has passed, he sees that she never found what she was looking for and that he would have been able to meet her needs.

When she left him, he was very hurt and felt like a failure. Now that he has reached a high point in his life, he looks down at her and wants her to see what she could have had and has lost. He tells her that he misses her, but then takes it back to say that he is lying. He tells her that if she finds a "man that's worth a damn", she will mess up that chance too because her greed is not doing anything but holding her back in life. She is left wondering "where did it all go wrong?" but he makes it clear that there are numerous ways that she ruined her chances at happiness with him.

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