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The Beatles - Strawberry Fields - Lyrics Meaning

The song titled "Strawberry Fields" was a track released by the famous 1960's rock band; The Beatles. It was recorded at the end of 1966 and was released on February 13th of 1967. To this day, the song titled strawberry fields remains one of the most popular and well known songs released by The Beatles. Since then, the song has been performed and covered by various other artists and musicians.

When determining the meaning behind the song, it may be difficult to decipher exactly what the true meaning of the song is. However, here are some things that help clarify the meaning of the song. Strawberry Fields was an actual place, it did exist. Strawberry fields was a home for children in Liverpool. The song also contains lyrical content that mentions things like "living is easy with eyes closed" and "it is nothing to get hung up about" and "it all works out."

It is lines like these that help reveal the meaning of the song. The song is referencing how easy it was to be young. Things were easy and you lived life free and with out worries. It also refers to growing from a child in to a young adult and how it is easy to feel as if no one relates to yourself.