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The Cure - Close To Me - Lyrics Meaning

Close To Me by the Cure was released in 1985 and reached number 24 in the UK charts.

This song describes a type of love for someone that turns your world upside down but now that you have actually found it you are calm and you feel complete.

The lyrics build up to something this person can't wait any longer for, this something can mean many different things to whoever the listener is.

It could be a first kiss, sex with someone for the first time but then it could mean something completely different to another person, like a holiday or the waiting to see someone that you haven't seen for a long time.

As the song progresses the tension builds up to the climax and this in turn makes the song relevant to many different situations.

The singer even describes how he wishes he had stayed asleep all day so that the time would have gone more quickly.

The waiting has made him sick but now the time has arrived, he is breathless in anticipation and in this case he is talking about the time arriving to lose his virginity.