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The Four Seasons - Down the Hall - Lyrics Meaning

Down the Hall is a little known song that has enjoyed limited commercial success over the years, reaching only the 65th spot in the US charts and 34th place in the UK charts of the same year. Anyone who hears it cannot fail to enjoy its pleasant rhythms and heart- warming lyrics.

Recorded in 1977 by the Four Seasons a New Jersey based group, consisting mostly of musicians of Italian origin, who have been around in a variety of formats and line-ups since the early nineteen sixties. The group was headed by the legendary Frankie Valli, who although he did not perform in the recording was involved in its song writing as well as its production.

The song's lyrics describe a shy and sensitive young man living alone in an apartment building where a young and pretty girl moves in "down the hall."

The song describes his dilemma as he tries to pluck up the courage to give her a call or at least invite her in for a cup of coffee. Their friendship develops into love and the young man celebrates the fact that he is no longer alone and that he doesn't "intend to let it end."

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