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The J. Geils Band - Centrefold - Lyrics Meaning

Centrefold by the J. Geils Band was released in 1981 and reached number 1 in the US charts and number 3 in the UK charts.

The lyrics in this song describe a typical American boy who has fallen in love with a girl at the same college but he doesn't have the courage to tell her.

He had the chance to get together with this girl on several occasions but every time his shyness overcame him, and he would not take it any further.

Years later he is flicking through a magazine, and to his horror the girl of his dreams is pictured as the centrefold in the magazine.

As the magazine is of the girlie variety you can only begin to imagine that she is not wearing any clothes.

He describes how he feels his soul has been ripped out as everyone can see the girl that he imagined, in his dreams, were for his eyes only.

He hopes that by the time the next issue of the magazine has been released everyone will have forgotten what they have seen in this one, but while it is still available he will buy himself a copy!