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The Kinks - Autumn Almanac - Lyrics Meaning

Autumn Almanac was written in 1967 by Ray Davies founder member of the London based pop group The Kinks. Davies is regarded as one of the UK's most influential singer/songwriters of that period. His words described London in the still semi austere period of the late sixties, and how the summer was making its transition to autumn which in the UK can take just a few short weeks.

The song begins with Davies describing how the leaves begin to fall from the trees, and how it was his role to sweep them into a sack. Davies's Autumn Almanac goes on to describe that with autumn comes the beginning of the football (soccer) season and how much he loves to attend a match on Saturday, as well as attending a family lunch on Sundays with the family, where his favorite dish of roast beef is served.

The song is one of many written by Davies that celebrates life in the UK, and the affection that he obviously felt for the life and times that he lived through in his native Muswell Hill neighborhood of North London.

"This is my street and I'm never gonna leave it, if I live to be ninety five."

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