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The Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine - Lyrics Meaning

Green Tambourine was a typical example of a one hit wonder form the Ohio based rock group The Lemon Pipers. The song was released in late 1967 by the virtually unknown group, little was expected of it. However it appeared to catch the mood of the times, and gradually made its way to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts where it remained for just one week in February, 1968 eventually earning the group a gold record.

The song was also the first hit for the fledgling Buddah record label, and or its two young songwriters Paul Leka and his partner, Shelley Pinz

Green Tambourine tells the story of a young busker or street musician who is prepared to play any song on his green tambourine in order to earn a few pennies. The Indian tones and haunting sitar music playing in the background gave the song a special atmosphere which obviously captured the imagination of the record buying public of the time. The vocals are accentuated by a heavily emphasized tape echo every time the word play appears.

The Lemon Pipers would never repeat their success with Green Tambourine and pretty soon after went their separate ways.

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