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The Libertines - Time for Heroes - Lyrics Meaning

Pete Doherty of Libertines and Baby shambles fame has always had an affinity to the lower classes and everything English. `Time for Heroes' is talking about multiple facets of his patriotism, from class separation to the Americanizing of natives Britons.

The generally feel of the song is painting the picture a poor town in mire. However, instead of looking for the hopelessness of the situation he elevates this through a poetic filter. Essentially it is a love song to his `cherished' one who faces and repels the dire situation with him.

Dogerty here transfers the problems with classism in England to the others who are ignorant of it, namely those who don't see their place in it, (`the stale chips are up and the hopes stakes are down,

it's these ignorant faces that bring this town down').

In the second to last verse though the writer reveals that in fact for him his social status has nothing to do with his wealth but rather his attitude to the establishment. This is a fitting conclusion because in fact Pete Doherty has risen out of his lower class status.

A last effort at explaining the problem is that classism in England is an attitude inherited and ultimately has little to do with your location or vocation.

`Yeah we'll die in the class we were born,

that's a class of our own my love'