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The Moody Blues - Go Now - Lyrics Meaning

Go Now was written by the largely unheard of writing team of Milton Bennett and Larry Banks who wrote the song for Banks' wife, Bessie. The song sank without trace, until it was unearthed by the Birmingham, England based group, The Moody Blues. The song worked out to be the first hit for the group, and a pretty big on at that, making it to number one in the UK and to the top ten in the US in 1964. Strangely enough, the principal vocalist for the Moody Blues, Denny Laine and the one who discovered the song for them left the group shortly after, and joined ex-Beatle Paul McCartney in his group Wings.

Laine continued to perform Go Now during Wings' concerts and a cover version can be found in the Wings over America live album.

The message behind the lyrics of Go Now is pretty simple. It is written about a couple whose romance has apparently gone stale, yet neither one of them have the courage to make the final decision to cut. Eventually the singer doesn't really want to split up but finally takes the initiative by saying "Since you gotta go, Go Now, before you seem me cry. "

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