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The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop - Lyrics Meaning

Although never a huge hit, this 1976 debut single by the Ramones is considered to be the punk anthem by many and was voted 25th `VH1 Greatest Hard Rock Song of All Time' in 2009.

The track title comes from a German tactic used in World War II and some consider the line, `Shoot `em in the back now,' to make reference to the blitzkrieg manoeuvre which saw exposed tanks attacked. However, a number of Ramones songs focused on gang violence and many believe this one to be no exception. Lyrics are generally credited to the whole band but this track was written mainly by drummer Tommy Ramone. The original title was `Animal Hop' but this was changed by bass player Dee Dee Ramone who also favoured, `Shoot `em in the back now,' over the original line of, `Shouting in the back now.' The actual meaning behind the lyrics may always be up for debate but the original version suggests there never was a deep meaning to be found and it was meant as nothing more than a song for their enthusiastic followers. One thing that is for sure is the opening line of, `Hey! Ho! Let's go!' quickly became the band's signature chant and continues to be one of the most popular chants heard at sporting events around the world!

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