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The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army - Lyrics Meaning

Seven Nation Army is the first track on the album, Elephant, which was released by The White Stripes in 2003. The song is about revenge, anger and ultimately seeking peace of mind. Jack White says a "seven nation army" cannot hold him back from getting his revenge on those that have wronged him. White is restless and cannot sleep, as the wrongs committed keep him awake at night. In the third verse he doesn't want to hear the stories from other people, he knows everyone has an opinion or excuse for what was done and he is sick of listening to them. The next verse is an open threat, with White saying that if he comes across his enemies he does not know what he will do, and that they should stay well away.

In the fourth verse, White says that he's leaving. He is "going to Wichita" to get away before he snaps. White wants to get "far from this opera forever more" which seems to indicate that like an opera is a dramatic form of acting, his situation too has many elements of drama. He plans to work hard in the fields and tire himself mentally and physically to shut off his brain so he can find some peace. Only after he has purified his mind will he be strong enough to go home.