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The Who - My Generation - Lyrics Meaning

My Generation was written and performed by UK super group of the sixties, the Who. Written by the group's songwriting genius, Pete Townshend, My Generation became the song that, more than any other denoted the teenage revolution going on in the UK at that time. My Generation was released as a single in the UK in November 1965 and made it to second place in the charts there. The Who and their music hadn't really caught on in the States yet, and the song only made it to 74th place in the American billboard 100.

Over the years, the influence of My Generation has become recognized and among the many honours that it has won, the one that stands out is the songs induction into the Grammy Hall of Fame for its "historical, artistic and significant" value.

The message behind the song was that the British youth, especially those who were followers of a new modernistic culture, who called themselves "mods" were no longer going to be prepared to accept the rules and cultures set for them by the straight-laced British society. They were going to have a good time no matter what. Singer Roger Daltrey's strong vocals, marked by an exaggerated stutter beat out "I hope I die before I get old."

Sadly two members of the Who Keith Moon and John Entwhistle,

did just that.

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